Draft Papers

The following draft papers have been provided by presenters to be made available to delegates attending ACEI2018. Please note these papers have not been reviewed and the papers presence on the site does not constitute their formal publication.

If you wish to cite a paper please contact the corresponding author for permission.


Details on all papers abstracts are available in the Abstract Booklet

ACEI 2018 Abstract Booklet


The papers are organised according to their session.


Session 1D

1D Herrero Prieto


Session 1F

1F Cox


Session 2A

2A Bille


Session 2E

2E Nogare


Session 2F

2F Weber


Session 3F

3F Giannakopoulou


Session 4D

4D Rex


Session 4E

4E Centeno Lara


Session 4F

4F Del Barrio and Herrero


Session 5D

5D Goto


Session 5F

5F Katsuura


Session 6C

6C Centeno and Gonzalez Carballo


Session 6D

6D Baldin  

6D Casacuberta Teatro Solís

6D Seppo


Session  6E

6E Monteiro


Session 7A

7A Ji Kim


Session 7C

7C Aly Tovar

7C Taniguchi