Young Researchers Workshop

RMIT Melbourne
RMIT University, city campus featuring Storey Halls Green Brain venue for the Young Researchers Workshop

A workshop for young researchers will take place on Tuesday 26th June 2018 just ahead of the commencement of main conference. The workshop provides an opportunity for conference delegates who are graduate students (at Masters and PhD level) to discuss their dissertations, publication plans and job market issues amongst themselves and with other more experienced scholars who share an interest in questions surrounding economic aspects of art and culture.

Dr. Jordi McKenie from Macquarie University will organise the workshop and members of the Executive Board of the ACEI, including Prof. Alan Collins from Nottingham Trent University will participate.


The full Young Researcher Workshop Programme can be located at the start of the ACEI2018 schedule located below.

YRW and Conference Programme as at 20 June