Sponsorship is important to the success of any conference but especially in the case of ACEI2018 where a key aim of the conference is to link academic research in the arts and culture with real world practice the support and involvement of key stakeholders and relevant organisations is crucial. Sponsorship enables us to defray the cost of attracting high quality speakers and enables registration costs to be kept to a level which encourages the participation from a broad range of academics and practitioners.

Sponsorship also sends a message of the connection between academic knowledge and applied practice and demonstrates that the government (at all levels), arts organisations (including not for profits) and the business world appreciate the contribution that the Academy makes to understanding about the arts and culture that impacts society as well as the economy.

Different sponsors will have different capacities in terms of their ability to contribute. We identify three main ways sponsorship can be provided:

  1. Direct financial contribution
  2. In-kind contributions
  3. Involvement including participant on appropriate discussion panels

ACEI2018 seeks to encourage engagement with relevant stakeholders, particularly those involved in the arts and culture to be involved as sponsors of the conference. There are many different ways to be involved. For more details download a copy of our Sponsorship Prospectus (PDF 180KB).