Desktop Publishing Brief

The Business


Unwind to your core

Hi there!

Quintessential is a health spa / retail store based in Sydney’s Newtown. Owner / director Prudence Shepard has a vision to create a tranquil and relaxing private health spa, as found in high-end resorts, in the busy city streets of Sydney.

Client Details

Prudence Shepard
Phone: (02) 8567 3422
Address: 22 Tenmore St, Newtown, NSW, 2032




Initial logo Concept

2nd logo concept

Classic Logos to

Low res jpg provided.
Create clean and balanced vector logo and save as EPS


Rotate Repeat Logo exploration

Yoga Body Logo



Choose and apply appropriate typefaces for the logo and catch line

Checkout DaFont for more custom typefaces.


Calm, deep, sensual

Spot Colours:

Pantone 4975 C
Pantone 4545 C

Alternate Colour Swatches

Use the brilliant colour tool Kuler.Adobe to find more colour schemes.

Style Guide

Calm & Relaxing

Buddha Illustration

Create a vector illustration including a vector tracing of this buddha image.



Business Card

90 x 55mm
Create a double sided business card

Dynamic / Static

Calming / invigorating


Create an A4 letterhead

CD Cover

120 x 120mm


Create an A4 letterhead

Download templates

Email signature

Create a screen resolution email signature image

Web Header

Create a screen resolution header image for the website

Teardrop Banner

Download a template here

Promotional Material

6 Page DL Roll Fold Flyer

Download the print template for the 6 Page DL Roll Fold flyer here.

Download the Word File here

Download these images:
Hot Stones,  Head Massage, Manicure, Yoga,

More Images
Meditate, Yoga, Massage Room

Buddha vector Illustrations
Software: InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator.
Skills: Vector Illustration, Typesetting, Page Layout, Colour Corection
Tools: Pen Tool, Layers, Colour Pallet

Photo Montage

Promotional Poster

Yoga Woman, Sunset , Moon, Tiger, Horse, Eagle, Lion, Saturn

TEXT: “Find your Goddess within”
TYPEFACE: Monotype Corsiva, Century ALL CAPS

Size: A3 200DPI

Main Layout

  1. Create new document to specifications
  2. Mask Yoga Woman
  3. Drag Yoga Woman and Sunset to new document
  4. Scale and distort Sunset to fill page (Command T)
  5. Apply warm up adjustment using a Levels Adjustment Layer
  6. Clip Adjustment layer to Yoga Woman (Right click on layer name and chose Create Clipping Mask)


  1. Create type
  2. Set Font
  3. Scale to Size
  4. Add Layer Effects (Drop Shadow, Outer Glow, Bevel & Emboss with Contour & Texture, Gradient Overlay)
  5. Expand Tracking on “WITHIN”

Additional Layers

  1. Copy and Paste Logo from Illustrator as Smart Object and add Drop Shadow
  2. Add Moon and Saturn images
  3. Set Blending Mode to Screen
  4. Add Animal Images
  5. Set Blending Mode to Screen
  6. Add Layer Mask and use brush to blend edges
  7. Adjust levels to make images stand out (Command L)


  1. Delete any unused layers
  2. Create folders for Type and Background images
  3. Name any unnamed layers

Web Banner

Dimensions: 1027 x 200 pixels


Redesign the online newsletter found here:

  • Create Paragraph Styles
  • Replace images with new stock images
  • Include branding elements such as logo and colours
  • Package Document