Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is probably the most widely known and commonly used graphics software in the world. In fact it is now so widely known that that the term Photoshop is used as a s verb to describe the act of altering a digital image. Photoshop is fundamentally a pixel editing program. While it has a number of vector editing tools fully featured vector editing is better done with a program such as Adobe Illustrator. By editing the RGB values and position of individual pixels and image can be retouched or altered in a large variety of ways.

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This video pushes Photoshop further in to the collective consciousness of the general public. Enjoy!

Intuitive photo editing and management with Adobe Lightroom

Most people think Adobe Photoshop when they think about working with their digital photos. These days I spend most of my time using Adobe Lightroom for my photographic editing and management. It’s simple and intuitive, non destructive yet powerful and quick to move around in. I can perform most of what I ever want to do with my images in Lightroom and find myself only jumping to Photoshop these days if I need to montage images together or want to use it as a graphic design tool.

Apple’s Aperture software is a similar and equally sophisticated piece of software.