Online photo editors

Whether you are away from your own machine or want to save money on expensive photo editing software there are some very powerful and free online tools to help you edit you photographs directly from the browser.

Kings of the road in this camp are Sumo Paint and Pixlr.  Both mimic Adobe Photoshop quite closely and offer some very sophisticated image editing and imaging making tools.

Picnik, recently acquired by google is clean and feature rich. Picnik seamlessly combines easy to use automated functions alongside some more advanced tools like a Histogram and an Unsharp Mask. Picnik is aimed at the general user and is mainly designed to prepare images for web based application. Most base features are free but some effects and tools are only available at a cost with the premium version.

Adobe has an online version of Photoshop called Photoshop Express that is perhaps a little more serious than Picnik. Here  we are presented with editing techniques that are a little more photographic in nature.

Both provide various options for output and upload to popular social media sites. Photoshop Express aims to incorporate itself as a social network by allowing you to share albums and view albums of other Photoshop Express users. Both are excellent tools suitable for beginner and advanced image editing.

Adobe Kuler. A powerful online colour tool

Creating great colour schemes from scratch can be difficult. Adobe’s Kuler website is provides a variety of methods to assist with this. Start by searching the massive and ever expanding user submitted database by keyword. For example, if looking for a nature inspired colour scheme type “forest” into the search engine to be presented with almost 2000 pre-made swatch groups. Alternatively upload a photo from your computer or enter a URL and Kuler will generate a range of colour schemes automatically. Kuler is also a great way to work with (and learn) colour theory rules. Signing in with your Adobe account allows you to save your theme, upload it to the online community and download a Swatch Exchange file to import into your Adobe programs or send on to others. You’ll need an current version of Flash player for your browser to us Kuler.