Branding Considerations

When developing a branding or style consider the following points.

Should it be:

Tone: Quiet/loud, Conservative/Playful, Mainstream/Alternative/Avant Guarde, Serious/Witty

Colour: Muted, Saturated, Limited, Maximum, Monotone, Full Spectrum,  Pastel,  BW, Greyscale, Fluro, Metalic

Imagery: Photographic, Illustrative, Graphic, Typographic
Logo/Icon/Signature Image

Type: Classical/Contemporary, Clean/Rough, Serif/Sans, Strong/Delicate
Cultural References / Era: Punk, Rockabilly, 50’s, 80

City Of Melbourne Rebranding

In 2009 the City of Melbourne paid $240,000 for they’re new logo which sparked debate about the value of something seemingly so simple.

This is an interesting case to explore the worth of a brand development. This article in The Age newspaper reports on some initial reactions.

This blog post displays before ad after pics and examples of how the branding appears in it’s various forms.

In this blog post we get opinions from other professional graphic designers.