A large installation of personally nostalgic pieces brought together to form an emotional bond for the viewer. The installation consists of several old objects from Kasey’s childhood that connects viewers with their own personal entanglements and memories. The artwork uses visual triggers to cause feelings of individual nostalgia for each person exposed to the work via their own memories of the pieces. The purpose of the artwork is to remind each viewer of their own childhood memories and make them feel compelled to share those memories with the people around them.

Kasey Skye uses a wide range of ceramic forming techniques to resemble oversized realistic objects that could be found in a stereotypical Australian home from 2000 to 2010. Utilising several different mediums alongside ceramics she has been able to refine the pieces made in the final installation to appear hyper-realistic while also doubled in size in order for the viewer to feel smaller in its presence. The artist states; “In my own life I struggle with the ability to remember moments from my childhood due to traumatic experiences, therefore they all tend to lack a positive touch or feeling of pride when thought about.” This is the main reason as to why Kasey Skye creates artworks such as this one.

Kasey Smith (aka Kasey Skye) is an emerging multidisciplinary artist based in Ballarat, a rural town in Victoria, Australia. Kasey will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics) from RMIT School of Art, Melbourne in 2023. Kasey uses her artistic ability that she has learned over multiple years of schooling to produce works that express her own views and opinions on current problems and societal issues. These works have varied between the desire for women’s rights, human enforced animal abuse, and the stigma behind seeking help for mental illnesses.

While her current degree focuses on ceramics as her dominant material, she embraces a wide range of materials in order to express her own emotions in the desirable way. Acrylic paint, felt/fabric, digital drawing and sculpting are all materials used alongside ceramics in order to enforce feelings of discomfort and sorrow within her viewers. Kasey uses the production time of her artworks as an emotional regulator and her own artistic therapy as she can get her pent-up emotions out during the process of creation.

instagram: @kasey_skye_art

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Kasey Skye Smith