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Invitation: “Foundations of Blockchain Empirical Science” Workshop


18 April 2019 – Storey Hall, RMIT University (City Campus)  Melbourne


The blockchain represents a digiItised and decentralised ledger of economic and financial transactions, distributed in such a way that it promotes the durability and robustness of information generated. The blockchain provide significant potential for disruptive innovation in multiple industries, and to make economic, political and social decisions more transparent and efficient.

The RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub is the world’s first social scientific research centre on the social science of blockchain. A component of the Hub’s ongoing research is the maintenance of the RMIT Blockchain Observatory, with the objective of providing a “rigorous, theoretically-informed, policy-relevant, research-relevant, and industry-relevant map of the blockchain economy.”

The purpose of the Workshop is to provide an opportunity for academics, and representatives from industry and government, to present and discuss the latest empirical research focussing on blockchain technology and its applications (including cryptocurrencies). It is envisaged the Workshop would showcase how quantitative and other empirical research provides a deeper understanding about the nature and significance of blockchain for our economy and society.

We invite expressions of interest from those wishing to make a presentation at the Workshop. Expressions of interest are invited on themes including (but not limited to):

  • Empirical profiles of the size and/or composition of blockchain-related activity in Australia, in the Indo-Pacific region and internationally.
  • Empirical studies of the significance and/or performance of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and other tokens.
  • Empirical considerations relating to other blockchain use-cases in areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction, supply chains, trade logistics, financial services, public sector administration and other industries.
  • Empirical applications highlighting the social and cultural significance of blockchain-related activity, for example demographic profiling of blockchain use, reporting of blockchain trends in mainstream and social media, social perceptions of riskiness in cryptocurrency use, and related considerations.

The workshop will be held at Storey Hall, Melbourne City campus of RMIT University on Thursday 18 April 2019, and will comprise up to twelve presentations.

For those wishing to submit presentation proposals, or for further information, please contact:


Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund

RMIT has been awarded $99,611 for its project Blockchain encryption technology to secure patient medical records a project with industry partners DB Results.   For more information click here 



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