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“Not long before the Capitol closed in 2013, my boyfriend and I went to see a Canadian author called Jared Diamond (author of Guns, Germs and Steel) launch a new book there.

After the talk my partner turned to me and asked to get married! It was a very pragmatic moment actually – we had a conversation about getting married and starting a family.
So the Capitol is a landmark location for us.

I’m excited to go back – especially now we have a daughter, given that we promised each other we would become parents together there – so I’m definitely inspired to get involved in the next chapter.”

Jessie Mitchell

Senior Advisor, Global Relations, RMIT University

Your Capitol Stories

Have you had a memorable experience at the Capitol? Perhaps you went on your first date, attended a lecture under the famous crystalline cave ceiling or had a moment that has stuck with you forever.

We want you to cast your mind back and share your story with us.

Your Capitol story

”As an executive of Village Roadshow I remember the Capitol very fondly, it was an important part of the Village Roadshow history because we had a partnership.
Before the partnership we had a number of basement cinemas around Melbourne, but with the Capitol we entered the big time. We had a magnificent, glamorous, above ground cinema which made a statement. We were honoured to have it as part of our history.
I do remember sitting in the rows watching Barry McKenzie one time and behind me I could hear that little fizz of beer cans being opened. And to this day I still remember it and I still say… only in Australia could that happen… only in Australia.”

John Kirby

Deputy Chairman, Non-Executive Director, Village Roadshow

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