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Case Study: Cultural Intelligence
Genevieve Dickinson (Student Experience Coordinator) & Dr Marco De Sisto (Human Resource Management), School of Business Cultural Intelligence is an activity offered to second-year students in the Human Resource Management course in the Bachelo (More)
Case Study – Workshop-in-a-box
Leah Heiss, Architecture and Urban Design & Marius Foley, School of Design The Master of Design Futures is a one-year online degree offered to professionals who are working in, or moving into human centred design practices. Most have upwards of (More)
Case Study: The Interior Decoration and Design Club and FLUX Exhibition
Associate Degree Interior Decoration and Design & Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration students, Architecture and Design The Interior Decoration and Design (IDD) club is an RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) club with a membership of over (More)
Case Study: Making Connections
Dr Maria Stratford & Lucinda Strahan, Lecturers, Professional Communication, Media and Communication Interdisciplinary Communication is a well-established course within the Professional Communication Program for second year students. Interdiscip (More)
Case Study: So you want to be a scientist
Susanne Tepe, Associate Professor, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Science Students enrolled in health and science studies start acquiring the early building blocks of fluency in disciplinary language and knowledge in their first year. This know (More)
Case Study: Copresents
Music Industry Program Staff, Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) Students enrolled in the second year of the Bachelor of Arts (Music) need to be challenged to apply their disciplinary knowledge to real-world projects. Creating an interdisciplinary le (More)
Case Study: Field Practical at Yarra Bend
Associate Professor Donald Grant and Lucas Holden, Geospatial Science Field experiences offer Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) students crucial opportunities to foster disciplinary belonging and connection, establishing disciplinary knowledge (More)
Case Study: The RMIT VET Programing Club
Luke Eberbach, Teacher, Information Technology, School of Vocational Engineering, Health & Sciences The RMIT VET Programming Club, launched in first semester 2017, caters to Engineering students in the School of Vocational Engineering, Health &a (More)
Case Study: Showponies Studio
Suzie Zezula & Shayna Quinn Bowyer, Lecturers, Media & Communication Showponies Studio (GRAP2643 & GRAP 2251) is offered to 20-25 Bachelor of Design students in their second or third year. In these two phases of development, students are (More)
Case Study: Comm Design Facebook pages
Bronwyn Clarke, Lecturer, Media and Communication The needs of students enrolled in Communication Design are fluid and not tied exclusively to key stages or years in their educational journey. Students need to gain experience and competence in build (More)
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