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Case Study: Cultural Intelligence
Genevieve Dickinson (Student Experience Coordinator) & Dr Marco De Sisto (Human Resource Management), School of Business Cultural Intelligence is an activity offered to second-year students in the Human Resource Management course in the Bachelo (More)
Case Study – Workshop-in-a-box
Leah Heiss, Architecture and Urban Design & Marius Foley, School of Design The Master of Design Futures is a one-year online degree offered to professionals who are working in, or moving into human centred design practices. Most have upwards of (More)
Case Study: The Interior Decoration and Design Club and FLUX Exhibition
Associate Degree Interior Decoration and Design & Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration students, Architecture and Design The Interior Decoration and Design (IDD) club is an RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) club with a membership of over (More)
Case Study: Making Connections
Dr Maria Stratford & Lucinda Strahan, Lecturers, Professional Communication, Media and Communication Interdisciplinary Communication is a well-established course within the Professional Communication Program for second year students. Interdiscip (More)
Case Study: Stranger and Stories
Brian Morris, Lecturer, Media and Communications Stranger and Stories is an assessment task in the Bachelor of Communication (Media) and Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication). The task involves a mixed student cohort drawn from Medi (More)
Case Study: Names and Faces
Associate Professor Barry McIntyre, Lecturer, Business IT and Logistics The School of Business IT and Logistics believe it is important that lecturers and students know all students’ names as a means to ensure that they feel valued, respected, and c (More)
Case Study: Welcome activity for Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Students
Nicholas Bardell, George Jiang & David Lyon, Lecturers, Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Program The Global partner relationship between RMIT Australia and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA, China) has resulted in a sign (More)
International Development Induction Modules
Jose Roberto Guevara, Associate Professor, Master of International Development The Master of International Development attracts a student cohort of increasing diversity of both country of birth and levels of work experience. Some students have exten (More)
Global WIL Project
Felicity Burns, Teacher, Advanced Diploma of Marketing Communications & PR The Diploma of Marketing Communications aims to engage students in rich work experiences that demand solutions to global marketing issues. MKTG7922C (Develop an Advertisi (More)
COIL Project (Netherlands and Australia)
Felicity Burns, Teacher, Diploma of Marketing Communications Students enrolled in their first year of a Diploma of Marketing Communications may aim to complete the two-year program with a qualification for entry to the workforce. Alternatively, they (More)
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