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Case Study – Workshop-in-a-box
Leah Heiss, Architecture and Urban Design & Marius Foley, School of Design The Master of Design Futures is a one-year online degree offered to professionals who are working in, or moving into human centred design practices. Most have upwards of (More)
Case Study: The Interior Decoration and Design Club and FLUX Exhibition
Associate Degree Interior Decoration and Design & Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration students, Architecture and Design The Interior Decoration and Design (IDD) club is an RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) club with a membership of over (More)
Case Study: So you want to be a scientist
Susanne Tepe, Associate Professor, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Science Students enrolled in health and science studies start acquiring the early building blocks of fluency in disciplinary language and knowledge in their first year. This know (More)
Case Study: Headstart
RMIT VCE STAFF RMIT VCE is a SNAP (School Network Access Program) school that permits students to take up their studies at a range of different entry points across both Year 11 and Year 12. The school has a very diverse cohort of around 300 students (More)
Case Study: Media Masters website
Rebecca Young, Lecturer, Master of Media Students enrolled in a Master of Media often struggle to find appropriate program information in a timely manner. This creates anxiety and stress, particularly when working towards assessment deadlines. To ad (More)
Case Study: Come to the Line
Elena Camera, Teacher, RMIT VCE RMIT VCE attracts a diverse cohort of around 400 students ranging in age from 17 to 65 years. These students enter at various points across Year 11 and Year 12 and participate either full or part-time. Many have had i (More)
Case Study: Cohort Day Out at the Victoria Market
Jessica Wilkinson, Lecturer, Media and Communications The Creative Writing Program Cohort Day Out at the Victoria Market was a great success with participating first year Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) students. This low-cost initiative, which (More)
Case Study: Student Excursion to Hokusai (NGV)
Hiroko Ohashi & Maya Fujioka, Lecturers, Diploma of Languages, GUSS The Student Excursion to Hokusai (NGV) is offered to mid-year intake students and current students in the Japanese 2 (LANG1275) course within the Diploma of Language. The activi (More)
Case Study: Copresents
Music Industry Program Staff, Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) Students enrolled in the second year of the Bachelor of Arts (Music) need to be challenged to apply their disciplinary knowledge to real-world projects. Creating an interdisciplinary le (More)
Case Study: Stranger and Stories
Brian Morris, Lecturer, Media and Communications Stranger and Stories is an assessment task in the Bachelor of Communication (Media) and Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication). The task involves a mixed student cohort drawn from Medi (More)
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