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Installing Adobe Apps like Premiere Rush at RMIT
To get Adobe software first requires the Adobe Creative Cloud to be installed.  This app manages the major Adobe apps and Adobe cloud services. Like the MS Offic (More)
Looking for free teaching materials?
Are you looking for inspiration, or a great activity, animation or simulation to use in your teaching for the upcoming semester with NO COST for you or your students? Open Educational Resources (OERs), are available for you to use! More)
Making Videos in PowerPoint - Flexible Learning Part 2
Today's adventure in flexible learning takes us to a tool many of us are familiar with: PowerPoint.   Many of you regularly use PowerPoint in lectures, meetings, workshops or tutorials, but did you know with PowerPoint you can help you create pr (More)
Solutions Lab 13 - Time Saving Tips for Teaching Online
Jess Danaher's (School of Science) courses follow flipped and blended models, ideal for online environments. In this session, Jess took us through her toolbox of time-freeing hacks. She gave a crash course on the simple editing software she uses t (More)
PowerPoint’s Alive! Bring your PowerPoint to life with narrations and multimedia
This series of tutorials and linked resources will take you through the basics of adding narrations and other multimedia (Audio, Video, Screen Recordings) to an existing PowerPoint presentation, and then exporting it to a video format, that can easil (More)
Is it time you reviewed your course welcome video?
For most, the answer to this question will be yes! Recently, Matt Marino, Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering, wowed his colleagues with the new welcome video he has produced for his students. Many people have asked how they can do something simi (More)
Review: Adobe Premiere Rush at RMIT
Video at RMIT With the push online, video is becoming an increasing part of teaching and learning.  While Canvas Studio and Collaborate Ultra are great online tools for creating simple video, there's a real gap when it comes to RMIT staff combining (More)
Solutions Lab 10 - Twist & Flip: Creating a great 'lecture' experience online
Evidence shows that students can struggle to engage with lecture videos online. Whilst it is true that recordings allow students to set their own pace and review difficult topics, many report that watching a 1 or 2 hour recording can be draining, con (More)
Which recording tool is suitable for my online delivery?
Clink here for a downloadable PDF with hyperlinks en (More)
Using podcasts in your course: Getting started
The following recording is from the "Using podcasts in your course: Getting started"  webinar conducted by Natasha Taylor and Lisa Curran, producers of the Open Classroom series. During this session participants were taken through the processes fo (More)
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