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Lessons on Student Engagement from a Professional Learning Showcase
Not even the current crisis could stop 120 staff congregating in the same room – a virtual room, that is. Staged on Microsoft Teams, the School of Science Showcase saw nine academics from across multiple disciplines present course-related changes to (More)
July Professional Development
This July we are focussing on sessions to assist you in preparing your blended learning and assessment for semester 2. We look forward to seeing you there. Upcoming Events for July Se (More)
Cheating in online assessment
HERDSA recently held a webinar on online cheating and methods to reduce the incidence; if you missed it, here is a link to the recording - https:// (More)
Recording Lectures: A Minimalistic Approach
There are many advantages in having a lecture -- or at least a part of it, as a recording. For teachers, this means efficiency. Explanations of concepts, elaboration of theories, demonstration of procedures and other bits of more static information c (More)
Online Course Models: A Conversation Starter
In a fairly recent article, Heather Farmer shares six models to guide the design of (More)
Short, sharp training to help you use Library resources
The Library is running a series of Teaching Spotlight sessions this year. The Spotlights are brief online training sessions and videos to help you make best use of Library resources in your course. Well worth registering for, and if you can’t atte (More)
Is your Canvas Reading List ready for Semester 1?
If you need some help getting your reading list ready, we've got two short sessions coming up. If you can't make it, register anyway and we'll s (More)
Looking for free teaching materials?
Are you looking for inspiration, or a great activity, animation or simulation to use in your teaching for the upcoming semester with NO COST for you or your students? Open Educational Resources (OERs), are available for you to use! More)
Focus on Flexible learning and teaching part 1
The RMIT Enabling Remote Learning and Teaching Site. Currently ther (More)
Quick tips - Flexible learning part 3
Today's tip around flexible learning and teaching is around developing your presence in the course.   When you are teaching in a class room, students have the opportunity to see you and 'get a sense' of you during the lectures, tutorials and pos (More)
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