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Thesis and dissertation structures

RMIT University recognises two PhD types: the PhD by Project and the PhD by Thesis. You will find workshops on PhD by Project Structure and Writing Process, and PhD by thesis: traditional and alternative types.

Remember: The structure of your PhD is related to the ways in which you conduct your research and examine its process and findings.

PhD by thesis:

Workshop 1: The traditional structure

 Activity 4 for Workshop 1: Traditional thesis structure analysis (DOCX)

Workshop 2: Alternative thesis structures

In this workshop we look at other thesis structures, such as:

  • including research publications
  • social histories
  • method-driven
  • general-specific

  Activity 2 for Workshop 2: PhD thesis including publications (DOCX)   

PhD by Project: “the creative dissertation”:

              Workshop: The project-led dissertation

Thesis moves and functions

This useful document lays out the function of the different sections of chapters in a traditional thesis. It assists you to know what to write about and in what order.

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