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Editing and proofreading

The language of academic scholarship requires a clear, concise yet detailed presentation of information.

If you intend to write reports or research articles in your future career, you’ll need to learn how to edit and proofread your own work. If you’re collaborating with others, you’ll need to be able to edit and proofread their contributions as well, so that your collective work is well-received. Here, you’ll find four mini-workshops:

  1. Editing: Macrostructure


  2. Editing: Paragraphs and sentences

     Download Activity 2 Editing paragraphs


  3. Editing for style and clarity

    Download Activity 2 Editing for style


  4. Proofreading

Writing & Editing guides

The university has its own style writing guide. So does every academic journal. Make sure you know the requirements before you start writing. Here are some useful resources:

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