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Maintaining motivation


Feeling stuck? Bored? Unloved? Abandoned? Confused? Alienated?Afraid to write? Isolated? Unable to think through a problem? Not going out but not doing your research work either? Eating too much, or not enough? Gaming all night? Netflix addicted? WeChat/Facebook mad? Feeling trapped in the research maze?

You may have a motivation problem! You need a tonic, a pick-me-up! You need to Stop. Reflect. Plan. Act.

The research process is complex and takes place over an extended period of time, so it’s not surprising that motivation fluctuates. At times you’ll feel bogged down in research activities; at others you’ll question your ability. It’s important to stop regularly and check where you’re going and whether you need to change direction. If motivation is lacking, this video on reviewing your goals makes some suggestions about how to review or re-assess your goals and get you back in control.   

If you have the writing terrors, we have lots of suggestions to help you face that blank page. And don’t forget the other useful information in this section on managing yourself.

“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham; www.phdcomics.com


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