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Using metaphors for the research and writing experience

Metaphors help us to learn about ourselves and our academic culture. They help us to explore abstract concepts in our academic fields. Watch this PowerPoint presentation in which RMIT researchers and academics talk about Metaphors for Research and Writing

As you watch, consider:

  • metaphors you use to describe your research process
  • metaphors your supervisors and others in your field use.

What metaphor does this image represent?

Here’s a blog on the metaphors students use to describe the process. It comes from the Thesis Whisperer, a blog designed to guide research students through their journey.

How do you describe your process? Notice if your descriptions change over the course of the research. Are the metaphors you use to describe the research or project component different from those you use to describe the writing process? Also see Visualisations in the section on Organising Ideas.

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