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Research Writing Groups

Your research candidature can be a lonely enterprise. Even though you’re sharing your office with other researchers, each of you is in your own ‘creative bubble’. You feel that time is against you, and you have no time for talk. You may expect your supervisors to be good critical friends and comment in detail on your drafts, but this ideal expectation is rarely realised.

The solution

A research writing group can meet your need for regular feedback and support. Evidence indicates that regular participation in a research writing group not only strengthens writing skills; it also strengthens the academic community, improves speaking and critical analytical skills, and enhances scholarly well being. Click on the video link below to learn how to set up a research writing group:

Research Writing Groups

Click on this link to download the Research Writing Group Kit. It has plenty of resources to get you started. But remember, group success depends on shared motivation and commitment.















































































































































































































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