GSP-CW-01: Innovative Solutions for Creating a Community Based Environmental Centre in Harmony with Biodiversity Values on the Site

Project title: Innovative Solutions for Creating a Community Based Environmenal Centre in Harmony with Biodeiversity Values on the Site

Project aim: To develop a feasibility study for an innovative solution to creating a community and cultural based environmental centre for the City of Whittlesea. The study will include developing a concept and a vision for what is possible for a place to connect the community with each other and with nature.

Industry partner:  City of Whittlesea

The City of Whittlesea is a local government body located in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne, covering an area of 489.9 square kilometres. At the 2016 Census, it had a residential population of 207,881 and this is expected to grow to 333,700 persons by 2036. Demographically, residents of the City come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, with a very high percentage of residents born in other countries, particularly Macedonia, Italy, and Greece.

City of Whittlesea

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