GSP-RPCI-01: Design and Optimisation for Filament Wound Pipes

Project title: Design and Optimisation for Filament Wound Pipes

Project aim: To develop through research, design, verification, trial and tests, improved pipe design and manufacture, commercially competitive, optimized pipes for clients. Some of the pipes could be re-designed to include winding with varying thickness filament with different materials in stages and layering in a more continuos manner without stopping due to peak exotherm reaction.

Industry partner: RPC Indonesia

RPC Technologies (RPC) are specialists in their field, offering integrated services to the defence, Infrastructure and Environment, GRP Pipe Systems, GRE Pipe Systems, Resource and Energy, and rail sectors. Composite materials are re-shaping the world, and RPC is re-shaping the way advanced composites are blended with more traditional methods of production to deliver engineered and manufactured solutions that take performance to the next level. RPC operate from a campus in Batam, Indonesia and are enthusiastic to develop new products.

Filament Wound Pipes

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