GSP-Midway-01: Wood chipping residue products

Project title: Wood chipping residue products

Industry partner: Midway is a private company that is publicly listed. Midway is Australia’s largest high quality wood fibre processor and exporter. Midway has operations in Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory covering all stages of the wood chipping process- from plantation to export. The company prides itself on managing the business activities in order to achieve social, economic and environmental outcomes. Some 1.5M tonnes of woodchips are exported to China annually for paper and clothing fibre. Recent changes to local Councils green waste collection strategies has reduced the market for waste wood products produced by Midway. Midway has some 18,000 cubic metres of waste wood product stockpiled.

Project aim: Through the process of producing woodchips an amount of residue or side product is produced.

  • Current accumulation of residue – 18,748 m3
  • Expected annual production of residue 17,200 m3

This project aims to find the best use for the residue considering end-product value, necessary investment and market potential.



IMAGE: William Warby. Woodchip. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Licence.
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