GSP-NSBS-02-Safety for Roof Installers in Myanmar

Paid internship in Myanmar

Project title: Safety for Roof Installers in Myanmar

Industry partnerNS BlueScope 

Project details:

* Places: Yangon, Myanmar

* Number of internships: 2 paid internships

As a leading provider of steel solutions with advanced technologies like Smartruss and Smartframe, Purlins, Bondek II, and Trimdek roof profiles, NS BlueScope is currently exploring a sustainable and affordable solution for the housing estate shortage in Myanmar. NS BlueScope would like to engage RMIT students in a research project around this topic. In particular, this mobility project, students are required to assist NS BlueScope with a plan for the safety of roof installers in Myanmar.

Main deliverables include:

No. Main Deliverable Description Estimated Timing
1 Project Plan Students discuss with NS BlueScope and RMIT academic supervisors about a detailed project plan. January, 2019
2 Literature Review Current situation and best practices First trip to Myanmar: Jan – end Feb 2019
3 Data Collection and Analysis Students collect data under the facilitation of NS BlueScope team.
4 Draft reports Student 1: Develop a suitable training program for NS BlueScope roof installers in Myanmar

Student 2: Develop a feasibility report for the establishment of a training center at Lysaght factory (a business case)

Second trip to Myanmar: 1 – 21st July 2019
5 Presentation Presentation on research findings.
6 Final reports Final Report Aug 2019

Work Method:

  • Students enroll in a relevant course and will be supervised and assessed by an academic at RMIT.
  • NS BlueScope safety professional staff will be field supervisor during the time students stay in Myanmar.

Benefits to Students:

  • Students gain course credits while implementing this project.
  • Students have an opportunity to travel to Myanmar twice and eligible students (see eligibility criteria below) will be covered with international air tickets, accommodation and stipends.
  • This mobility project will give students an opportunity to gain knowledge about Myanmar, one of the most magical and undiscovered destinations in the world.
  • Students will work alongside with NS BlueScope staff, therefore they will also gain practical experience and knowledge around the construction and building sector in Southeast Asia.


* A minimum GPA of 2.5 and higher; and

* Paid internships (fully covered) are only available for undergraduate and Australian citizen students.

Academic credit:

Students can gain 12 or 24 credit points depending on the course they enrol in and the project they with implement during their internship.

Program Costs (fully covered):

* Airfares

* Accommodation

* Stipends

* Other expenses (e.g. logistic arrangements)

Other Costs to consider:

* RMIT Tuition Fees

* Personal expenses

* Immunisations

Application Process:

* Submit your expression of interest at our website ( together with your CV and recent academic transcripts.

* If your application is shortlisted, we will invite you to come for an interview where we can discuss options for the enrolling course and potential start date.

* Selected students are required to pay $150 deposit. This amount will be returned to students after they start the internship. If the students withdraw from the program at late notice (2 weeks before the start date), this amount will be considered as a financial penalty.

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