GSP-RMIT-01: Green Travel Plan

Development of a Green Travel Plan for Bundoora Campus

RMIT generates significant travel with 50,000 staff and students travelling almost every day for work and study which affects the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of these communities. One of the key actions in RMIT’s Sustainability Action Plan is to provide opportunities for more sustainable transport for staff and students.

In this proposed project, students will conduct a study on various issues around the subject of staff and student travel, e.g. policy context, current situation and future projections, existing and future road/transport networks, etc., with a focus on Bundoora Campus The project aims to provide a framework that enables and motivates more staff and students to walk, ride and use public transport for work and study related travel.


No. Main Deliverable Description Estimated Timing
1 Project Plan Students discuss with project manager and academic supervisors about a detailed project plan. March 2019
2 Data Collection and Analysis –  Needs, context, systems

–  Creative and innovative solutions to engineering problems

–  IT solutions

–  Communication plan for behavior change

March-May 2019
3 Progress Report Students report progress (written report or presentation) May 2019
4 Final report and presentation Report/present on project outcomes June 2019

Work Method:

  • Students are required to attend the kick-off meeting with GSP and the Sustainability Team to fully understand the project requirements. A returned project brief together with a project plan is required after this meeting.
  • Students then work on their own and/or under the supervision/instructions of the supervisor to meet the agreed timeline.
  • There will be a contact person from RMIT Sustainability Team who helps students with data access or any question/queries regarding the requirements of the project

Desired Students Attributes:

  1. Good grasp of statistics, analytical tools.
  2. Self-driven and needing little supervision
  3. Good research skills

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