GSP-MRSC-03: Kerbside Organics Processing Feasibility Study

Project title: Kerbside Organics Processing Feasibility Study

Industry Partner: Macedon Ranges Shore Council

Macedon Ranges Shire Council coordinate community projects with community partners to enhance the look and use of public spaces such as parks, town centres, public and and community buildings. Projects are chosen from community plans, which are developed in the townships by local community members. Council works with local community representatives to ensure the design of any upgrades reflects the community’s views.

Project Background:
The Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRRIP) identifies the need for a greater number of regionally based organic waste processing facilities to achieve greater diversion from landfill. MRSC’s kerbside collection contractor currently transports organic waste from the kerbside garden bin collection to a composting facility in Stanhope, Victoria. This presents a significant cost to Council and ratepayers. The proposed introduction of FOGO in July 2019 will further increase the volume of organic waste collected at kerbside. A processing facility located within the shire would enable MRSC to manage its own organic waste and generate a usable product (compost) and/or energy.

Project Aim: To investigate the feasibility of a local organics processing facility to manage the shire’s kerbside organic waste.

Project Objectives:
The overarching project objectives are:
• Investigate options for treatment/ processing of kerbside organic waste material (look at case studies, available technologies, etc.)
• Assess feasibility of options within the shire (market analysis, feedstock volumes and suitability, siting and planning requirements, OPEX and CAPEX, products, potential revenues)
• Investigate and secure funding sources
• Produce a useful product and/or energy from FOGO waste material

Project Deliverable:
• Feasibility Study
• Develop a preferred option and business case
• Secure funding through grants programs
• Prepare business case and present to Council


We are seeking 2 environmental engineering/science students for this project.


MRCC-Organic food image

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