GSP-NEW-03: Energy Audits and PV Utilisation

Project title: Energy Audits and PV Utilisation


  • Undertake audits of water and waste water treatment plants and identify energy savings
  • From the new energy benchmark size the type of PV to supply the treatment plants energy needs
  • Create a standard template for Victorian water corporations to undertake this work in-house

Industry partner: North East Water

North East Water (NEW) provides water and sewerage services to 41 localities across the North East Victoria and are one of 12 similar corporations throughout regional Victoria. North Easter Water operates as a retailer that on-sells water from our wholesaler, Goulburn Valley Water (GMW), which manages water storage, delivery and drainage systems involving 70% of Victoria’s stored water. North East Water serves an estimated population of 107,000 people in an area of approximately 20,000 square kilometres. This region extends from Corryong in the east, along the Murray River to Yarrawonga, and south to Benalla and the alpine towns of Bright, Mt. Beauty and Dartmouth.


We are seeking two engineering students (mechanical/sustainable systems/electrical) for this project.

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