GSP-WW-05: Study of Suspended Solids in an Anaerobic Digester

Project title: Study of Suspended Solids in an Anaerobic Digester

Project aim:

  • Combining Scada data and laboratory results to generate a ‘live’ view of volatile suspended solids entering the anaerobic digester at Melton; and then
  • Combining these figures with biogas generation to map how the digester operates under differing feedstocks. Variables would include for instance: Sludge volume flows; Sludge volatile suspended solids; Biogas volume and quality generated

Industry partnerWestern Water

Western Water provides water, sewerage and recycled water services to 61,000 properties with a population of 162,000 across a region of 3,000 square kilometres to the north-west of Melbourne. Since the authority’s establishment 20 years ago, Western Water has seen its service population more than double. This strong growth rate is projected to continue as suburbs around Melton and Sunbury develop over the coming decade. Nearly all towns in the service area now have a secure water supply through provision of alternate supplies to local water. These include interconnection to adjoining supply systems as well as access to Melbourne water.


We are seeking two environmental engineering students for this project.

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