GSP-SV-12: Zero Net Carbon (ZNC) Residential Homes

Industry partner: Sustainability Victoria (SV)

Sustainability Victoria (SV) supports Victorians to be more sustainable in their everyday life; in their homes, jobs, schools and communities and in the systems and infrastructure that support a thriving Victorian economy and lifestyle. Sustainability Victoria aims to improve the way Victoria manages its resources and helps its communities to take action on climate change. Sustainability Victoria provides expert advice and guidance about energy, materials and waste and conducts research that demonstrates what is possible and inspires people to make sustainable change above and beyond legal requirements.

Project aim:

SV is currently running a project working with volume home builders to build and sell ZNC home. A key aim is to ensure sustainable homes can be built for a cost sensitive market. A key part of the project is a compliance program to ensure the ‘as-built’ house meets the ZNC requirements.

In order to ensure the as-built compliance program is well designed SV would like someone to undertake a research on best practices programs in Europe and America. This will help inform, along with the outcomes from the project, the design of a rigorous ZNC program.

Project tasks:

The research would cover:
– Compliance programs across the world of ZNC homes
– Recorded benefits of ZNC homes
– Accreditation programs for compliance of both the as-built and the designers

Project deliverables:

  • A report of consolidated findings
  • A PowerPoint presentation of research project

– July – October 2019 (Semester 2)

Work Method:

– Students are required to attend the kick-off meeting with SV to fully understand the requirements from SV. A returned project brief together with a project plan is required after this meeting.
– Students then work on their own and/or under the supervision/instructions of the supervisor to meet the agreed timeline.
– SV will appoint a contact person who helps students with data access or any question/queries regarding the requirements of the project.


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