GSP-CSRD 02: Solutions for Cleaner Energy in Central Coast Vietnam

Project context and aim:

There are at least six power plants potentially located along the coast line of central Vietnam. The cumulative negative impacts will be huge and out of control if all of them are put into operation. This project aims to raise the awareness on negative impacts of coal production, promote cleaner energy, and encourage relevant agencies to be transparent in energy demand investigation.

Project tasks:

  • Desk study (literature review) on coal power development in the Mekong region and Vietnam and its impacts on human health and the environment.
  • Engineering solutions for mitigating the negative impacts of coal power production.
  • Recommend alternations for cleaner energy in Vietnam.

 Project deliverable:

 No. Main Deliverable Description Estimated Timing
1 Project Plan Students discuss with RMIT academic supervisors and CSRD about a detailed project plan. May 2020[1]
2 Literature Review in Melbourne Students review relevant literature. May-June, 2020
3 Field Work in Hue, Vietnam


Students travel to Vietnam to collect data, analyze data and write the report.

Note: Travel dates are flexible.

July-October 2020 (minimum 12 weeks)
6 Final report Final Report and Presentation on research findings. Oct/Nov 2020



  • Students will receive a semester grant from New Colombo Plan funding to cover international air tickets and other expenses in Vietnam.
  • Only undergraduate Australian citizens are eligible for project funding.


  • Students submit CVs and latest academic transcripts to Nina Nguyen at:

[1] the timeline of the project is currently scheduled for semester 2 of 2020. It can be changed depending on students’ enrolment at RMIT.


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