Seminar: Udaya Parampalli

Non Linear Feedback Shift Registers in Stream Ciphers

SPEAKER: Udaya Parampalli, Dept. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne
Date: Friday 2nd November
Time: 3:00pm–4:00pm (Talk & Q/A)
Venue: Building 8 Level 9 Room 66 (AGR) RMIT City campus

The seminar will be followed by snacks and drinks
All students, staff and visitors are welcome

ABSTRACT:  There has been a recent surge of interest in Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers (NLFSRs) which can aid the development of new hardware-oriented stream cipher designs especially for constrained applications such as RFID in IoT. In this talk, I will present some results from on cryptanalysis and efficiency of the encryption operations. Specifically, I discuss the relationship between Fibonacci and Galois configurations and their effect on generation and cryptanalysis of Ultra lightweight Grain and Fruit families.



BIOGRAPHY:  Udaya Parampalli is an Associate Professor and Reader in the Department of Computing and Information Systems, the University of Melbourne. He obtained his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T), Kanpur, in 1993.  From 1992 to July 1996, he worked in industry as a Member Research Staff at Central Research Laboratory, Bharat Electronics, Bangalore. From 1997 to 2000, he was an ARC research associate at the Department of Mathematics, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Udaya is a Senior Member of IEEE.  He has served as program committee member in various conferences and workshops in the area of sequences, Cryptography and Security. He is the general chair of SETA 2014, a premier international conference on Sequences and Their Applications.

Udaya’s research interests are in the area of cryptography and sequences over finite fields and rings for communications and information security. More details on research and professional activities can be obtained from