Forthcomming seminars

  • Friday 15th September 2017, Graham Clarke (RMIT)
  • Friday 20th October 2017, Vanessa Teague (University of Melbourne)
  • Friday 10th November 2017, Arathi Arkala (RMIT)


Past Seminars

  • Friday 10th March 2017, Joanne Hall, (RMIT). Semi-Fields and Planar Functions
  • Friday 24th March 2017,  Stephen Davis, (RMIT). Gamification of Crime Scene Fingerprint Analysis
  • Friday 7th April 2017, Jessica Leibig, (RMIT). Fast Extraction of the backbone of projected bipartite networks
  • Friday 28th April, Paul Leopardi, (Bureau of Meteorology). Classifying bent functions by their Cayley graphs
  • Friday 12 May 2017, William Pettersson, (RMIT). From parameterized complexity to recognizing 2-shperes
  • Friday 9 June 2017, Li Sun, (RMIT). Temporal access patterns as a feature for anomalous user behaviour detection
  • Friday 21 July 2017,   Ferruh Ozbudak , (Middle East Technical University).
  • 4 Aug Lynn Batten, (Deakin). Selecting Trustworthy Cloud Services