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Tech breakthrough to allow 100-times-faster internet

Groundbreaking new technology allows super-fast internet by harnessing twisted light beams to carry more data and process it faster. Broadband fiber-optics carry information on pulses of light, at the speed of light, thr...

Elena Goi awarded a PhD degree

Congratulations to LAIN student Elena Goi who was awarded a PhD degree on 3rd Oct 2018. The title of her thesis is "Two-photon fabrication of bio-inspired microstructures for optical topological applications". Dr Goi dem...

Prof Min Gu visited the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge

Due to our recent breakthrough in optical long data storage, Microsoft Research Lab - Cambridge in UK invited Prof Min Gu to visit the lab in 27th September 2018. Prof Gu introduced our researches and discussed the oppor...


This half-day targeted workshop brought together researchers and students  from Physics and Computer Science to consider the applications of path planning and neural networks in photonics imaging and nano-fabrication cha...

Golden touch: next-gen optical disk to solve data storage challenge

Scientists from Australia and China have drawn on the durable power of gold to demonstrate a new type of high-capacity optical disk that can hold data securely for more than 600 years.   The technology could offer a...

Litty Thekkekara awarded a PhD degree

Congratulations to LAIN student Litty Thekkekara who was awarded a PhD degree on Jan 2018. The title of her thesis is "Bioinspired fractal designs for laser scribed graphene energy storage integrated with silicon solar c...

Prof Min Gu joins Chinese Academy of Engineering

Professor Min Gu FAA FTSE has recently been elected as a Foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Professor Gu is RMIT’s Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship. H...

Visit of Prof Xi-Cheng Zhang

Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang visited Laboratory of Artificial-Intelligence Nanophotonics on 8th December 2017. Professor Zhang is one of the pioneers Terahertz waves, also known as T-rays, which exist within a frequency rang...

Litty Thekkekara received the two prizes from Australian Optical Society

Congratulations to LAIN student Ms Litty Thekkekara for being selected by the Prize Subcommittee of the Australian Optical Society as this year’s winner of the two following prizes: AOS Postgraduate Student Prize AOS/War...

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