Research & Innovation

Latin American RMIT Projects: 2011-2019

2011: The APEC Services Trade Access Requirements (STAR) Database – Phase 1 and 2 (ADD LINK)

2011-2012: Mobiles, Migrants and Money in Haiti and the Dominican Republic (ADD LINK)

2013-2014: Sport, reconciliation and social change: An Australia-Brazil intercultural exchange (ADD LINK)

2013-2014: Sustainable Affordable Housing: New models for social housing (ADD LINK)

2014-2017: Promoting infrastructure PPP development and financing, sustainable urban development and cross border coordination (APEC, ASEAN, and South Asia) (ADD LINK)

2016: Australian-Mexico Reciprocal Indigenous Arts Residency Program (ADD LINK)

2017-2018: Natural User Experience (ADD LINK)

2018-2019: Development of specific and sensitive method for identification of PMeV (ADD LINK)

Global Compact Cities Programme