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Wednesday 23 October - City

The Library will provide a light morning tea each day, though sadly we won't be able to provide cafe quality coffee... there are too many excellent options for coffee on campus! We will provide tea and water though, and don't worry - there should be biscuits left for the afternoon sessions.

Maintaining motivation

9.30-11.00, Presenters: Fernanda Quilici Mola, Priya Rani, Rowa Barashi and Chamindika Weerakoon. Location: Building 8, level 4, room 11

Are you feeling trapped in the research maze? Afraid to write? Not getting the research done? You’re not alone. Many research students drop out because they’ve lost the motivation to continue. However, there are things you can do to get yourself back in the swing of things.

In this practical workshop we’ll hear from a panel of students who have been in this situation and survived. Then we’ll help you to become self-motivated and generate successful outcomes by using a range of strategies.

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Achieving impact from your research through strategic Intellectual Property (IP) protection and commercialisation

12.15-1.00, Presenters: Research Translation team, Location: Building 8, level 4, room 11

This presentation from RMIT’s Research Translation team will discuss:

  • Why IP and Commercialisation of research is important to students and researchers;
  • Provide details of the services our team can offer researchers and why they are beneficial; and
  • Demonstrate examples of how our team has assisted researchers and the impact that has generated.
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Achieving Impact from your Research

11.15-12.15, Presenters: Dr Anna Thomas and Dr David Downes, Location: Building 8, level 4, room 11

This presentation from RMIT’s Research Translation team provides an introduction to planning for research impact.

Designed for researchers who are seeking to achieve positive societal outcomes from their research, this interactive session will set you on a path to planning for the impact you want to achieve.

It will cover engagement with research end users, approaches to research translation, and ways research outcomes can be measured to demonstrate impact.

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Strategic publishing

1.30-3.00, Presenters: Professor Imad Moosa, Professor Usha Iyer-Raniga and Professor Gary Bryant. Location: Building 8, level 4, room 11

Want to publish your research but don’t know where to start? Come along and hear from expert RMIT researchers who will discuss the publishing strategies they’ve used throughout their career and provide tips and advice for new researchers looking to publish.

Bring your questions so you can make the most of their knowledge!

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