The Cultural Value Impact Network (CVIN) is launching its Radical Thinkers Series.

This series has been developed by Bronwyn Coate (School of Economics, Finance & Marketing), Marnie Badham (School of Art), Gretchen Coombs (DCP ECP), and Kit Wise (School of Art). In addition to the CVIN , this series is supported by CAST Contemporary Art and Social Transformation , the Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI) and the Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools (ACUADS)

The first session will be held will be on Wed 21 Oct @ 5:00 pm featuring a panel to discuss the disconnect between cultural policy and cultural value. This will feature Ben Elthan (Monash Uni Aus), Eleonora Belfiore (Lougborough Uni UK) and Arjo Klamer (formerly Erasmus Uni Netherlands) To register visit

The second session will be held on Wed 28 Oct @ 12noon where artists/activists/theorists/academics meet to discuss economic disobedience and avenging the imaginary in the age of the never-ending culture wars. This will feature Bek Conroy (AUS), Cassie Thorton (CA), Max Haiven (CA) and Nancy Mauro-Flude (AUS). To register visit

CVIN event poster 21 Oct 2020 (003)

CVIN event poster 28 Oct 2020 (003)