About Us

The Placemaking Economics Group is situated within the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing (EFM), RMIT University.  The group is committed to providing insight into spatial decision-making and policy development through an economic and social lens. In particular, our research focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the benefits of the public and private assets that attract households to live, work, play and learn in particular locations.  As a group of academics we continue to forge strong relationships with external stakeholders.

Our research, recognising three main dimensions of placemaking, can be summarised as follows:

  1. Strategic placemaking. Local Governments recognise that placemaking builds capacity and resilience in sustainable manner. Previous research into this topic includes whether creatives are attracted to regions that are more diverse.  
  2. Creative placemaking:  Arts and culture are central to place-livability.  The investigation into the economic value of the City of Melbourne’s arts program is a key example of our skills in this area.
  3. Generalized placemaking:  Understanding the value and importance of local assets.  Past research includes analysis of issues relating to ‘ageing in place’ as well as the importance of being close to public infrastructure such as railway stations.

We are a well recognised and credentialed team, publishing in leading Australian and International Journals.  Recognising our expertise and reputation, members of the group have competed successfully for large-scale research grants as well as gained funding for

  • Niche projects for start-ups
  • Contracted research from large government departments.
  • Small scale investigations.

In addition we have and continue to supervise Higher Degree by Research candidates in areas relating to placemaking including:

  • Essays investigating the impact of ethnicity diversity on economic performance
  • Regulation in the Built Environment: Development of a Model to Inform the Regulatory Process
  • Spatial Modelling of Real Estate Prices
  • Housing affordability, housing quality and health in Vietnam