Have you ever had a student upload a PDF instead of the required spreadsheet? Well good news is that you can restrict file types in a Canvas assignment by specifying which formats you will accept for a submission.

To set this up, follow the instructions below with an existing assignment in Canvas. If you need help to set up your assessments in Canvas, view our online learning materials.

  1. Select Submission Type for your Assignment and set it to Online.
    • Choosing Online from the menu will give you a series of options including File Uploads.
  2. Check File Uploads.
  3. Check Restrict Upload File Types. A text entry box will appear where you can type in Allowed File Extensions.

Assignment Online Submission correct format separated by a comma

Type in this box the file types you wish to allow students to submit.

Separate multiple file formats by using a comma. For example, where you wish students to be able to submit a text file, word document or excel spreadsheet, you will type: docx, xls, txt

DO NOT add a dot before the file type (such as .pdf) or use the term and. If you use and, it will ignore the final file type and students will receiving a warning preventing them from submitting that final file.

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