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Flex terms

Flex refers to the term type a course offering will run in, where a course contains classes that are taught at flexible times throughout the year. Flex courses can sometimes run simultaneously but begin at different times. This can make managing multiple flex courses complicated for teachers.

For example, MIET2065_1802 has one class running from March 2018 and finishes February 2019. A second class of MIET2065_1802 runs from July 2018 to December in the same year. There are up to four more of these examples for MIET2065_1802 that overlap and run at different times throughout the year, within the same Course Offering and term code.

If you are teaching more than one flex class of the same course, having multiple shells for all these courses can make it hard to navigate and to manage the content in each shell.

Project Rewire’s tech team have proposed to the Colleges that the same flex classes be taught out of one course level shell and students can be added at different times through different sections. For all of these sections the teacher has the option to either create a separate assignment for each section, or set a single assignment to different sections and apply their own due dates.

The creation of a course level shell will be the default for flex courses, when they are created, as a result of SAMS scheduling. However, a Course Coordinator can send a request to ITS should they want the classes to be set up as individual standalone shells.

As a side note, there is a new update that allows you to create discussions for specific sections. This will means your flex courses won’t mix in the same discussion and cause confusion.

Section Specific Discussions

A new feature has been added to discussions that will allow you to select which sections you want a discussion to appear in. By selecting where you want discussions to appear, makes it useful for managing discussions with large groups of students separated through multiple sections.

To do this, you will find a new option under the Rich Content Editor that says Post to. If you click this a drop down will show up where you can select all sections, one section, or multiple sections to post your discussion to.

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