The Project

Change the story

The old story had limited connection, fixed lessons and locations, technology that promised more than it could deliver, and constraints that separated the teacher from the learner.

The power of connection

Our new story is one of inspiration and connection – the type of connection that inspires fantastic teaching and engages students.

Access the future today

Project Rewire delivers a ground-up reimagining of how we engage with students. New tools, new frameworks and new outcomes.

Project Rewire is replacing Blackboard, our existing Learning Management System, with an easier, faster platform that removes the barriers and amps up the ability for teachers and students to connect, collaborate and work in the place and time, and with the tools that work for them.

Aligned with RMIT’s Strategic Plan

The implementation of Canvas as the platform for our ongoing Learning Management System is aligned with our Strategic Plan. Canvas – as the platform – together with an improved learning and teaching framework based on student-centric principles, gives us the flexibility and capability to deliver what students need.

About Canvas the product

  • The selection has been rigorous. Canvas has been chosen because it ticks all the boxes for us.
  • Canvas can deliver what you need to engage and excite students, and have them fully involved from day one.
  • It is flexible, powerful and easy to use. It will allow you to easily do all of the things you need to do for course preparation and delivery.
  • Its functionality allows you to deliver the things that students routinely tell us they want but find hard to access with Blackboard – that includes: video management, collaborative tools, a great interface with third-party tools and services such as Turnitin, plus a mobile platform.

About the implementation of Canvas

  • Canvas will be fully implemented by Semester 1, 2018 across all RMIT campuses, local and offshore. That means we have the best part of a full academic year to move to the new system.
  • Deployment will be staggered for different groups (e.g. HE, VE and RMIT Training) in order to avoid pressure on systems and people.
  • There will be training provided – lots of it.
  • We will involve you in the deployment so you can provide feedback, become involved and give your students a better experience.
  • There will be support at the School and College level from dedicated staff – your own ninjas.
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