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Engaging for Impact Conference – Industry Showcase


From the 13th to the 15th of February RMIT University will be holding the Engaging for Impact Conference: Academia and Industry Co-creating for the Future.

Today our team and partners gathered at the RMIT City Campus to present the project “LandFor For Land Management: Using satellite time series data to map forest disturbance and support land management activities”.

From left Liam Costello and Salahuddin Ahmad, representing DELWP; Trung Nguyen (PhD student at RMIT), Dr Mariela Soto-Berelov (Lecturer at RMIT), Dr Shaun Suitor (DELWP) and Samuel Hislop (PhD student at RMIT), attending the Engaging For Impact: Academia and Industry Co-creating for the future 2018


DELWP uses LandFor outputs to support efficient statutory forest monitoring and reporting activities and decision making in the land management and policy areas.

Our team has create a large area disturbance and recovery map using LandFor. We report the findings from the first project of its kind developed in Australia.

Check our poster with more information about the project.


Text by: Shirley Famelli

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