Remote Sensing Research Group

Southern Earth Observatory

About us

The Centre for Remote Sensing conducts cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and provides quality education for future scientists, educators, and decision-makers. Southern Earth Observatory (SEO) is a research and educational collaboration that combines the strengths of the School of Science, RMIT University and Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). Our mission is to address fundamental questions about the functioning of the biosphere and its implications for the environment and human welfare in a rapidly-changing world. Our approach focuses on the development and application of remote sensing technologies, including: satellite earth observation, aerial and UAV (RPAS) based hyperspectral and thermal observations, LiDAR, in situ observation systems and associated modelling to measure, map and monitor the biophysical attributes of terrestrial environments. We also specialise in metric measurements from imagery: vision metrology. Through research, education, and communication, we seek to enhance basic understanding of critical earth system processes, develop practical tools for monitoring and predicting change, and facilitate sustainable management of ecosystems, societies, and the biosphere.


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