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College of Business and Law Research


Research is a core activity of the College of Business and Law. Through industry engagement and research our academics are dedicated to both knowledge creation and exchange. Our researchers solve real-world problems in collaboration with diverse and dynamic partners. We invite you to explore this website to find out more about the fantastic research undertaken within RMIT’s College of Business and Law.

Research focus

The College of Business and Law has a number of research structures which seek to integrate our interdisciplinary research expertise with industry needs. They are: Centre for People, Organisation and Work | Centre for Business and Human Rights | Centre for International Development and Trade | Cyber-Security Research Centre | Global Transport and Logistics Research Group | Behavioural Business Lab

The College also hosts four other major research units that work closely with industry: Centre for Innovative Justice | Australian APEC Study Centre | Blockchain Innovation Hub | Global Business Innovation ECP

Higher Degrees by Research

RMIT University fosters a world-class research environment in which candidates produce cutting edge theses that will help shape future society and innovation. The College of Business and Law is the ideal place to complete your business-related Higher Degree by Research. With a reputation for employing leading experts, producing high quality research, and harbouring deep industry links, candidates in the College of Business and Law possess the skills to solve real-world local and international problems.

Industry engagement

The College of Business and Law has a strong record of industry engagement and counts large multi-national companies such as ANZ among its partners. To support industry-engaged research, the College has created a cohesive and dynamic research environment that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation.

Acumen: A College of Business and Law Expert Opinion and Analysis Blog


Research magazine: Celebrating Research Impact

Academics in the College of Business and Law are working on research that makes real-world impact. Find out more in our new research magazine, Celebrating Research Impact.

Researcher videos

We have produced a series of videos that showcase how our research makes a profound real-world impact and highlights some of our Professors’ passion for their research. Click the image to the left for the full suite of videos and click the image below to view a trailer video.

The Digital Professor Project

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Watch: The Digital Professor Project

Watch: The Digital Professor Project

Contact us

To find out how to engage with researchers in the College of Business and Law at RMIT University, please email business.research@rmit.edu.au

You can also connect with us on social media:

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