Joint InfoSec/RMITOpt talk: Joanne Hall, Semi-Fields and Planar Functions

On 10 March we will have our first joint Information Security/RMIT Optimisation Group talk that starts a new series of Information Security seminars. As usual, the talk will be followed by light snacks in the staff room.


Speaker: Dr Joanne Hall
School of Science
RMIT University

Title: Semi-Fields and Planar Functions

Date and time: Friday, 10 March 2017, 3:00-4:00pm
Location: Building 8 Level 9 Room 66 (AGR) RMIT City campus

Abstract: Planar functions are a class of Perfectly Nonlinear functions which have uses in cryptography, error correcting codes, and wireless signal transmission as well as of being of theoretical interest in geometry and abstract algebra. Almost all planar functions over finite fields belong to the class of Dembowski-Ostrom polynomials.

In 2008 it was shown that Dembowski-Ostrom Planar polynomials are equivalent to commutative semi-fields [Coulter & Henderson]. The connection with semi-fields allowed us to use algebraic techniques to find several new planar functions.

Bio: Joanne is known to many of us at RMIT from the time she spent doing her PhD with Asha Rao. Her research on algebraic, combinatorial and geometric structures and their applications in cryptography, error control and data compression has been published in a variety of top ranked journals. Immediately after submitting her thesis in May, 2011, Joanne went to Europe with postdoctoral positions at the Institue of Astronomy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Department of Algebra of Charles University in Prague. Joanne then spent 4 years as a lecturer in the Mathematical Sciences School at QUT, developing a university wide minor in discrete mathematics. Returning to RMIT in 2017, Joanne is looking forward to participating in the graduation parade, having missed her own PhD graduation ceremony.

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