Group Updates

Dear Optimisation Group Members,

If you are interested in weekly Convex Geometry meetings, please respond to this Doodle Poll. It appears that Mondays 3:30pm announced earlier do not quite suit everybody.

Note that registration for the second WoMBaT workshop (30 November – 2 December) is now open.

Here is our current schedule:

Mon 31 Jul, 14:00–15:00 Reading group on Gröbner bases
Thu 3 Aug 11:30–12:30 CIAO talk by Elisabetta Maluta on Diametrically complete sets in Banach spaces lacking normal structure (connect via Visimeet).
Fri 4 Aug 15:00–16:00 RMIT Information Security Seminar: Prof Lynn Batten, Deakin University, Robust Trust Assessment Model for the Selection of Trustworthy Cloud Services.
Mon 7 Aug 12:30–14:30 WIL Industry Seminar: Paul Bell (Director of Powlett Group), The Future in Planning is Now.
Thu 10 Aug 11:30–12:30 CIAO talk by Prof. Hong Kun Xu on Projection methods for constrained minimization of a finite sum of convex functions (connect via Visimeet).
Fri 11 Aug 15:00–16:00 RMITOpt meeting: Prof. María Teresa Ortuño Sánchez, Universidad Computense Madrid.
Fri 18 Aug 15:00–16:00 RMITOpt meeting: Dr Jérôme Droniou, Monash University.

Warmest regards,
Vera Roshchina.

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