Group updates

Dear Optimisation Group Members,

This week we have two seminars at RMIT, by Prof. Hong-Kun Xu and Dr Jérôme Droniou. On Friday 18 August we will also have a farewell party for Dr Fabricio Oliveira, who is leaving us for Helsinki.

Here is our full schedule.

14 August (Monday), 2-3pm: Reading group on Grobner bases
14 August (Monday), 3:30pm, Prof. Hong-Kun Xu, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Proximal Methods for Convex and Nonconvex Optimisation (RMITOpt meeting)
14 and 17 August: CIAO talks by Dr Deiderik Roijers, Vrjje Universiteit, Belgium (connect via Visimeet).
18 August (Friday), 3pm, Dr Jérôme Droniou, Monash University, A unified convergence analysis framework for numerical approximations of diffusion equations (RMITOpt meeting) + a farewell party for Fabricio after the talk!
21 August (Monday), 3:30pm, Dr Yanqun Liu, Duality for linear and convex semi-infinite programming (Convex Geometry meeting)

Warmest regards,
Vera Roshchina.

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