Joint RMITOpt-SPACE meetings and our schedule for the next week

Dear Optimisation group members,

We have an exciting new development: on 2 and 9 October we will be hosting joint series of talks with SPACE Research Centre. See the information below.

Here is our current schedule.
Monday 18 September 2pm: Reading group on Gröbner bases
Monday 18 September 3:30pm: Computational algebraic geometry with Maple (coordinated by Bill Blyth), AGR 8.9.66
Thursday 21 September 1pm: Dr Stelios Georgiou, New three-level designs for screening in the presence of second order terms (RIMT Statistics and Analytics seminar)
Monday 2 October 3:30pm: Dr Pierfrancesco Di Cintio, Chaos, noise, discreteness effects and the continuum limit in N-body systems, revisited (RMITOpt-SPACE meeting)
Monday 9 October 3:30pm: Dr Elisa Maria Alessi, Passive End-of-Life Solutions for Low Earth Orbits (RMITOpt-SPACE meeting).
Friday 13 October 3:00pm: Prof. Reinout Quispel, Geometric numerical integration: how to discretize differential equations while preserving their physical properties (RMITOpt meeting).
Friday 20th October: Vanessa Teague, TBA (RMIT Information Security seminar)
Monday 6 November 3:30pm: Prof. Kate Smith-Miles, University of Melbourne (RMITOpt meeting).

Most talks held in AGR room 8.9.66 are available via Visimeet/ACE connection.

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