Two seminars next week

Dear Optimisation Group Members,

Next week we will have a joint RMITOpt-SPACE seminar on Monday 2 October with a talk by Dr Pierfrancesco Di Cintio and on Tuesday 3 October there will be a CSIT seminar with a talk by Prof. Yuhui Shi.

Students please also note the Data61 6th International Optimisation Summer School (Kioloa, NSW, Australia, January 14th to 19th 2018 ), Apply at once to secure a place, applications are processed in order of receipt.

Here is our current schedule

Monday 2 October 3:30pm: Dr Pierfrancesco Di Cintio, Chaos, noise, discreteness effects and the continuum limit in N-body systems, revisited (RMITOpt-SPACE meeting)
Tuesday 3 October, 11:30am, Introduction to Brain Storm Optimization Algorithms (CSIT seminar, RMIT).
Monday 9 October 3:30pm: Dr Elisa Maria Alessi, Passive End-of-Life Solutions for Low Earth Orbits (RMITOpt-SPACE meeting).
Friday 13 October 3:00pm: Prof. Reinout Quispel, Geometric numerical integration: how to discretize differential equations while preserving their physical properties.
Monday 6 November 3:30pm: Prof. Kate Smith-Miles (University of Melbourne).

Warmest regards,
Vera Roshchina.

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