CIAO seminar: Hyperbolic polynomials and semidefinite programming

Speaker: Dr James Saunderson
Monash University

Time and Location: Thursday, 19 October, 10:30 AM, T121, T Building, Mt Helen Campus (Federation University)

Title: Hyperbolic polynomials and semidefinite programming

Abstract: Hyperbolic polynomials are multivariate homogeneous polynomials with certain real-rootedness properties, such as the determinant restricted to symmetric matrices. First identified in the context of PDEs, they now play a role in numerous areas, including theoretical computer science, probability theory, and optimisation. Associated with any hyperbolic polynomial is a convex `hyperbolicity’ cone. The resulting conic optimisation problems are called hyperbolic programs.

Please contact Julien Ugon regarding the Visimeet connection. RMIT crowd please make your own arrangements with AGR booking/Visimeet connection.

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