RMIT Optimisation Seminar: Dr. Alysson M. Costa, University of Melbourne

Speaker: Dr. Alysson M. Costa, University of Melbourne

Title: Load consolidation for freight distribution in urban environments

Date and Time:  Friday, October 4th, 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Location: Building 8 Level 9 Room 66 (AGR) RMIT City campus

Abstract:   I will present three decision problems in freight systems. All problems focus on load consolidation aiming to improve distribution efficiency in urban environments. First, I will consider the use of a single cross-dock from an operational perspective, focusing on the decision of when to dispatch outbound trucks. The second problem also includes cross-docks but now studies the problem from a network design perspective, aiming to decide on cheapest distribution routes. Finally, I will present a modelling approach for the design of a collaborative distribution network.

This talk presents the results obtained by Pedro Castellucci in his doctoral thesis (University of Melbourne / University of Sao Paulo). This work also has the collaboration of Associate Professors Russell Thompson (University of Melbourne) and Franklina Toledo (University of Sao Paulo).

Bio: Alysson M. Costa is a Senior Lecturer in Operations Research at the School of Mathematics and Statistics – University of Melbourne. He is interested in theory and applications of Optimisation. Throughout his career, he has worked extensively with mixed integer programming (modelling and solution methods) applied to problems in different areas such as environmental water management, disaster relief operations, educational timetabling, crop rotation, assembly line balancing and city logistics, among others.

He received his PhD in 2006 from HEC Montreal / University of Montreal – Canada. His thesis, titled “Models and algorithms for two network design problems”, received the Cecil Graham doctoral dissertation award from the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society.  Before that, he received MSc. and B.Eng. Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the State University of Campinas – Brazil.

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